Thursday, May 5, 2011

Don't Abort Your Dreams

It's amazing to me how often we abort our dreams and our passions with excuses, taking advantage of time, and allowing others tell us who we are. Well who are you, and what do you want to do in life?

I too am guilty of falling into the trap of the excuses such as "I will accomplish this dream later, it will take too long, I am not good enough, they won't like it, and so on and so on." I have come to realize that it all starts with me, and I must not be afraid of the greatness that's inside of me. I am the only one that can make my dreams become a reality. God has already given you and I the power to make our dreams happen, and to become wealthy with the gifts and talents we possess within.

I encourage you today to take control of your life. Don't allow everything about you, or that belongs to you to die. There's Greatness in you. Accept it and walk in it.

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Anonymous said...

This is such an inspiring post. I too have gotten lost in trying to make my dreams come true. Today I am encouraged to move forward and let the Greatness inside me come alive.