Friday, December 2, 2011

When Your Possibility Becomes a Reality

I was telling my mom the other day that there's a possibility that I may not be able to have lunch with her because there's a spot open for me to attend a special luncheon, so I will call her and let her know.

As I waited for a response, my boss says to me "let's go, I'm sure the spot will become available." He convinced me to go along with his proposal since I knew, he knew people. I text my mom to let her know that I am attending the luncheon. When I got back to work, I called her to see if she received my text because I saw a missed call from her. She told me she did, but she was calling me for something else. As I was relaying the story to her about the luncheon and it being a possibility, her response to me was "I expected you to be at that luncheon because you possibility is always a reality." When those words hit my ears, I realize how true in life that is. When we believe and speak the possibility, it does become a reality. In this case, my boss spoke my possibility of attending that luncheon, but I believed him, that's why I went. From this day forward, this is my quote:

"When I speak my possibility it becomes my reality." ~ Melinda J.

Has any of your possibilities ever turned into a reality? I would love to hear from you.