Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank God for His Angels!

"And he will give his angels charge over you, to keep you ...." (Psalms 91:11-12)

What a powerful verse of scripture!

It makes me reflect on a time when I was in my early teens living on the outskirts of Overtown, near Downtown Miami. It was on a beautiful Sunday evening when my family and I was preparing to leave for church service only to be alerted that we must be careful because there was a gun man in the area. For some reason we were reluctant to be mindful of the warning because we headed out the door as planned. As we got situated in the car, I remember looking out the window and seeing about six Cadillacs lined up behind each other as young men came out of their cars with machine guns in their hands. I must say I was shocked! The word was "a gun man was in the area." Well, it was not one isolated person with a gun, but many young African-American men who came out shooting their guns at someone or people, and I am not sure who the person or persons were. All I knew is we were caught in the middle of a shooting spree.

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